• SoCalMike

    The Brits should gun these animals down.
    This poor girl is trying to reason with animals.

    • TheBlindNation

      It is very sad. Unfortunately most Brits are unarmed. It is only the specially trained police forces that can carry.

      • Steve

        they are surrounded by water surely some private boats can bring in guns

        • TheBlindNation

          They will have to do something and soon!

      • MetalQuintessence

        Yeah, but rapefugees seem to have no issues with that, they rape and murder with whatever they an afford. Tis up to the blokes to take “affirmative action”. 😛

        They seem very brave when they argue about football, all the hooligans and ultras.

        Others like Russians [do mind I am a russophobe] have shown you don’t need much else other than fists and maybe some metal pipes to get the job done. 🙂

        I loath group violence and beatings, but I loath rapes even more. The authorities should sort this out before the citizen awake and take matters into their own hands.

        • TheBlindNation

          I believe the citizens must take these things into their own hands. We must stand up for our fellow citizens, these Muslims will never become true citizens, they only come to conquer or kill.

          • MetalQuintessence

            Sadly, this will happen, regardless if anyone calls for it or not. Unless the authorities and the political leaders take matters and fix them, this is only the natural reaction.

            When they send rapists-murders of 14 yo girl in Germany to house arrest instead prison, what are they thinking?

            First, this sends shock ad terror into the citizens of any normal civilized country.
            Bcs this shows no severe consequences awaits such vile perpetrators, which will only allow more rapes and murders to happen from the so-called asylum seekers. They should all lock them into metal asylums, they are not normal.

            The 19-yo german girl that was raped and murdered recently, her parents were collecting charity money for the refugees at her funeral? I can’t understand this, what kind of parent does this? Collecting charity for your child’s murderers? Regardless of who they are, migrants, nazis, or Merkel herself. It’s disgusting and insensitive towards your own child’s memory, if nothing else.

            Also, unlike what the left are lying, ppl do not hate all middle easterners, but these folk that came and literally invaded Europe, are anything but asylum seekers (except for the very few actual refugee seekers). The majority are military age guys, no women and children. No one would buy the bs story that they look older bcs war has toughen them. Still, you don’t grow a fucking beard and look 5-10 years older than what you claim, regardless how much war has toughen you. We’ve seen enough war photos of children to know this is total bull.

            All that they have to do for starters is start to apply the regulations regarding borders like they do for anyone else, be it a refugee or not. If you are a refugee from china f.e., I doubt they will allow you to cross the borders and go where ever you please after they hand you a pretty paper? Tis that simple. Obviously s/o doesn’t want this to be regulated the regular way, whether it’s Soros (despite I have always been pretty skeptical about conspiracies) or Saudis bribing high ranking politics, or something like that, it’s clear this isn’t a 1 side plan. Imo, it’s more important the right decisions are taken, rather than who will come next, for the majority of european countries. Ppl should start a new model and improve on the current, you vote ever x years and then silently wait like the herd you are. Whenever there are shit like this again, ppl should do something to demand immediate actions, regardless who is ruling the country. And there shouldn’t be anymore Merkel open door policy and shit.

          • TheBlindNation

            It is absolutely an intentional invasion. Merkel’s open border policy is fueled by the leftist mindset as well as social justice warriors. Little do they know the same savages they support are there to take away their freedoms. It really is sad. Even more sad that they treat the criminal migrants like victims. It will come back to haunt them.

          • MetalQuintessence

            “Little do they know the same savages they support are there to take away their freedoms. ”

            Very ironic, but very true.
            Very moronic would sum it up best, as everything these ppl do is indeed moronic.

            But it’s really paradoxal how they jump at every civilized person, mostly men, but they haven’t spared their punches towards women neither, sometimes they treat females much worse.

            But they come and talk about rape culture, homophobia, transphobia, mysoginy… yet they come and say “refugees welcome”, and when you criticize islam and the worshiping savages they rush in to call you intolerant, the mandatory “bigot”, racist and islamophobe too.

            “It really is sad. Even more sad that they treat the criminal migrants like victims. It will come back to haunt them.”

            Actually, if it concerned them only, I would say it’s just.
            But it’s really sad that they pull this linger to all the civilized world.

            If they wanna help and love these savages, they can go to their countries and be happy there.
            After that many of the SJW/leftist brainless idiots have been raped and covering their own rapes, they don’t seem to mind. :3

            Why prevent other sane persons who don’t want to be repeatedly raped and/or killed from getting help and justice?

            I really doubt it will haunt the sjw diaspora, but if caliphate and sharia gets established where they live, they will just pay with their heads and be burned alive and LGBTQXYZ+SS would be thrown from roofs, like every good muslim do with them in islamic countries.

            And I am not saying this out of spite, not that I don’t feel it too, but that is the cold hearted truth.

            If anyone think this is offensive, then they must find “2+2=4” equally offensive.
            Orwell’s analogy comes perfect here.
            The result must be “whatever the party says”. 😛

          • TheBlindNation

            Leftists will get what is coming to them no doubt. The hypocrisy they spread is outrageous.

          • MetalQuintessence

            There has been some (including some ppl like a “middle eastern sciences expert”) who claims these so called asylum seekers are mostly coming from DAESH camps themselves, (except for the very few actual Syrian refugees).

            Now, technically I find this very hard to undertake, but certainly not impossible.

            It would fit perfectly with what has been happening into Europe too.
            And not that there haven’t been significant clues pointing to that end too.
            Like that Lily Allen’s “jungle boy”, who’s father they found was a islamic fighter, and the fact the poor boy that was running away from Afghanistan, went back there for a holiday within a month after getting UK asylum status.

            What a great co-incidence? :3

            I personally know middle eastern ppl, I have at least 1 friend.
            Not all ppl there are savages, just like the actual Syrian refugees have proven. There are very decent ppl, at least from the ones I’ve seen. Surely not all are, but still, my point here is that even by middle eastern standards, those rapefugees are bad. So this theory might have some ground to sit on.

            And if this is true, what’s more disturbing, is the fact high ranking politics in the EU have been corrupted pretty badly, to fully aware allow such a thing to happen. Merkel’s only one of them.

            Not calling for a witch hunt, bcs this has proven it doesn’t solve anything, but certainly, there are many much corrupted politicians and they are willingly helping the terrorists cause obviously.

            Why didn’t the EU opened it’s borders to anyone else before?
            You can find more than enough examples of no lesser crisis, when the EU didn’t lift a finger.
            If you are/were a migrant (even a refugees) from any other place and ancestry, you won’t be let to roam around like that. The fact this was well planned and ignored any basic protocols is blindingly obvious.

            The question is, who will monitor the self-almighty EU and do a proper “sanitation”?

            Are there enough not corrupted high ranking EU members and military officers left there?
            I think ppl should really be asking and raising those questions NOW before it’s way too late.

  • SoCalMike

    This is what happens when you believe in nothing.
    Thank the European Left for this.

    • TheBlindNation

      Merkel is destroying Germany, so are all the other liberals. We can certainly blame the left for this. 2016 is certain to be an interesting year for Europe and even the United States.

    • MetalQuintessence

      Left world wide would have to say, Leftists without Borders. 😛
      I mean, look at all the world wide Soros funded facilities. I was never one for conspiracy shit about this, but recent news seems to prove that concern right. Whenever there was a “migrant” issue, activists from his funded organizations rushed to defend them, even when they have raped and killed.

      • TheBlindNation

        Indeed, there is some sort of protection even for the worst migrants, those who rape, kill, etc, someone always defends them.

  • terribleorv

    Start shooting the bastards, it’s all they understand.

    • TheBlindNation

      Anyone who commits a serious crime should be publicly executed.

      • terribleorv

        And an admission . to retire the national debt, charged.

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