US reparations for slavery?

I can not make this up, the UN is in agreement that the US should pay reparations for slavery. I say, any people who were slaves, come forth and we will give you reparations. If you were never a slave, you deserve nothing. We have many laws that help minorities and hurt the majority. This could be called reverse discrimination. This is taking away equality for the majority.

Give this article a read.

Do we still have any questions about why our nation is beginning to fail? Leftist mentality will be the death of this nation. When you take from the working man and give to the lazy or unwilling to work people, we end up with disgruntled workers. Detroit is a perfect example, when people discover they can have a better life not working and living off the system, the remaining workers leave the area due to ridiculously high tax rates or simply join the non-workers.

Leftist mentality is absolute garbage.

Read some of the comments from the article, it is clear I am not the only one who thinks reparation is garbage.

“Well then any former slaves should step up and recieve their payment.”

“It is time to remove the UN from US soil and stop all financial support for this agency. Nobody in our country was ever alive to be a slave….”

“Every country in the world has had slavery it wasn’t invented in America. Why doesn’t the UN start with the earliest known accounts of slavery and make MIddle Eastern countries pay reparations.”

“Any former slave still alive in the US today should be given1,000.00 dollars and a one way air plane ticket back to the country that his or her black brothers stold them from !! So, “Git er Done” imho”

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  • Aurelian

    to blame anyone for what their ancestors supposedly done dosent hold up in any way.

    however if that is the game, then you will need to trace slavery back to its origins and start reparations from there, otherwise this is what it is a sham.

    • TheBlindNation

      Exactly my thoughts. How many different countries are involved? Also, even some of the Africans sold their own down the river. Who is truly responsible can never be answered. Also making every American pay for the mistakes of others is communistic.

      • Aurelian

        i would have thought with all the welfare checks and food stamps medical care they will be the ones owing reparations

        • TheBlindNation

          I wondered that myself. Reverse discrimination with affirmative action should result in us getting reparations as well.

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