Ex-Muslim in America supports Trump

“I’m 100% Arab, I have been in the USA for 3 years, I fled the middle east and an Islamic marriage, never again. If you’re planning to bring the Muslims I fled to the land I found, meet me in the next 15 minutes for an a** kicking.”

The woman in this video also said people in the United States will not be able to understand Islam until they experience it, she suggests living with Muslims overseas. Hear that leftists? Go live with Muslims so you finally understand what everyone else is telling you about it. Islam is evil, Islam is completely against the freedoms we have fought to create and defend.

Do you leftists get it yet? Openly inviting every single refugee is welcoming the very culture most of the people attempt to flee from. The war in Syria has displaced many people, those people would otherwise not have fled their nations. Those who fled from Islam before the wars, fled due to the political ideology and for freedom. You leftists are welcoming a new way of thinking and a new set of laws. Those Islamic laws are not compatible with western laws.

All leftists should listen to this woman, share this video with them.

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  • Olivia_Poe

    I love her

    • TheBlindNation

      She is amazing! She is a true refugee, she ran from injustice and entered our country with the want for a better life and no more intolerance toward women. She is a perfect example of what migrants used to represent, people that left their country for a better life, instead of trying to spread their religion and force their ideology on others using a war as an excuse to flee their nation. We all know that Islam calls for these types of invasions as well as forcing the religion upon non-believers.

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