• Aurelian

    In essence (the anglo/american&israel) side with saudi araiba to oppose the russia/iran alliance for geo-political power in the middle east, i would have said syria as well however the country is wrecked and would take a couple of decades to recover.

    this is the insane part our beloved leaders are backing terrorists(who despise us) and are backing the jews(who also despise us), very easy to see if you do a bit of research.

    i know the above is far from addressing the complexities of the geo-political reality, its just the way i see it.

    Geo-political sphere the dark art preformed by very dark people all across the globe

    • Middle Man

      The Globalist care not for rebuilding the country, Just stealing the Oil and controlling the land.

  • Middle Man

    Seems those U.S stingers work well:}

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