The EU Tells Britain To Crack Down On Free Speech Against Muslim terrorists

The EU wants to make reporting terrorism caused by a “Muslim” illegal. Islam is not a race, it is not racist to include a religion when reporting a crime.

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  • Olivia_Poe

    I’ve never been racist, I’ve never treated anyone differently, but I am so threatened now. I’m a hermit as it is. But I ventured out more than once last week and I never saw a single person react or even pay attention to a black person who was minding their own business and being like everyone else. (pay attention SWJ and your protests this week that I pointedly did not watch, nor did anyone else I know, because none of us know anyone who is racist).

    However, everyone is afraid of the muslims now because of the violence that is spreading across the world. This is not racism. This is fear of violence All I know is on major crowd holidays I will be absent.

    • TheBlindNation

      One can not be racist against a religion. I have no problem with the people from that area or region, I have no problem with their skin color, I do have a problem with their religious texts and those who follow it to the “T”. Much like Christianity long ago reformed, Islam needs reform. We have every right to defend our current freedoms against the Muslim belief in Sharia law which is not compatible.

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