France to ban all Christian symbols in latest attempt to ‘fight the advance of political Islam’

Due to one religion causing violence, all religions will suffer. I believe France is taking a step in the right direction. They can not say Muslims are not able to practice their religious beliefs in public without saying everyone can not. That said, all of this suffering is due to Islam.

You can watch the same video on the YouTube posters website:

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  • Aurelian

    n a secular society faith and worship are private, totally seperate from the state.

    the state cannot favour or promote one faith group over another, the state must stand on the laws&education faith based schools must be shut down and made illegal.

    For it to work the state would need to be unbiased just unfortunate LEFTISTS western politicians are bought llike a lady of the night for a fish supper and a can of coke.

    Hence why i will take up binge drinking and crying a lot

    • TheBlindNation

      Separation of church and state is the key. We have a set of laws which reside outside of any religious bias. Those laws should not be changed due to religious beliefs.

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