Julian Assange allegations are likely false and now have possible ties to Clinton Please share!

A redditor has picked up a trail which may have pointed out who has been targeting Assange and potentially prove the allegations against him (sexual assault etc), are false. Guess what? The person who likely created the false accusations has ties to Clinton, go figure.

Original reddit post here

From a reddit comment:

“Founder of Premise, e.g. Premise data… at the 745 address: David Soloff.”

David changed his twitter posts to private. Read his posts in the archive link below! He wants to “drone redditors”.


You can also see some of his posts in these images on imgur here.

Here is a website list of links you can copy and paste into your browser for much more information: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ed6zq

Why this matters: Julian Assange is in Ecuador due to likely false sexual accusations and faces possible extradition at some point. Clinton is now tied to these accusations.

This imgur image is a good explanation of the entire story: https://i.imgur.com/s27EVHS.jpg

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