Firebomb Attack At North Carolina Republican Party Office

This should be a hate crime, you can not discriminate against someone based on their beliefs, it would be considered a hate crime had a person thrown a firebomb through a mosque window.

This is what the leftist people do, if you do not follow their line of thinking, they simply use violence to get what they want. They have no integrity.

Trump called Hillary supporters “animals”, and right he is, they are animals. Most are on welfare living off of the backs of hard working Americans. None of those people realize that welfare comes from the working class, not the government. They are incapable of seeing more than one step, that step is the government handing them a paycheck, in their little minds that means the government is “good”. It is not the government paying your bills welfare leftists, it is the working class.

I for one am done paying your bills. I will claim exempt and simply work out the slowest repayment plan possible when the government comes knocking. This means you leftists on welfare will get as little as possible. Enough is enough.

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