Angela Merkel’s Speech after losing Elections in Berlin

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  • Timmy_d

    Congratulations Germany! We here in the USA are very proud of you!

  • Aurelian

    So they admit that even without the violence their attitudes are gonna cause problems in the future.

    well no worries the cure is your children will be be indoctrinated so the transition to islam will be smooth love it the lgbt mob are in for such a suprise in 1 generation.

    bottom line they know the problems mass migration will bring, and they just simply dont care if you are killed, beaten abused or raped.

    *Not all muslims wish to overthrow western culture thats the lefts mission, or strap bombs to themselves

    • TheBlindNation

      They have a plan, what that is can be speculated. I still think civil war or depopulation may be the end goal.

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