• Aurelian

    As much as i think hollande is a girl, if i was him after i finished putting on make up in the morning i would send the lot over to the u.k in a boat and through the tunnel with a map to lilly allens home with her mobile number, just in case she isnt in when you get there.

    i would give a speech on national t.v purley laying the blame at the u.k door, point out that backing jihadis in syria, overthrowing libya are the main source of this crisis.
    then he can proclaim No longer will french citizens be put in harms way.
    any refugee reaching france will be put on the boat where thersea `A little bit of sharia` may will be there with lilly allen and jude law with a bottle of bubbly and a pack of sandwiches to welcome you to your new life

    • TheBlindNation

      The homeland people should always come first imo. Sure it is great to help when we can, we must ask ourselves who we are helping and would they return the favor? I have no doubt that some of the refugees are good people just wanting to get away from the war. Most appear to be coming from non-war countries who flee for monetary gain or to spread their religion, both of those things I disagree with. They need to take a look at why their nations are failing and why their laws are so bad. Only then will change happen.

  • Aurelian

    this comes from one of the podesta e-mails https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/19489

    The problem is that there are no great options in Syria. The war in Syria is a battle between the Alawite Shia minority of President Assad and various factions of the Sunni majority. It is also a multi-polar proxy war between Iran and its ally Hezbollah – the Gulf State monarchies –the Muslim Brotherhood political parties that have come to power in Egypt – the moderate Islamic Party that rules Turkey – the Russians – and the United States and its European allies. > > In fact, the polling shows that most Americans are thrilled that President Obama has not precipitously thrust America into another war in the Middle East. >

    i admit im biast towards the saudis i truly despise them and would dump them like a bad case of the clap, we should never got ourselves involved in this war to help those carpet baggers from the Kingdom

    Hands off approach do not help/do not hinder

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