Migrant to Swedish Woman: “I Urinate on People Like You”

“This amateur footage from Sweden is an excellent example of the complete lack of respect Muslim Illegal immigrants have for native Swedes. The migrant confidently cuts the line of a fast food stall as he considers waiting in line with disbelieving women to be below his dignity. As he is confronted by the fist women in line, he tells her that “he urinates on people” like her.

The woman responds by saying that this is her country and if he doesn’t like the rules, he should go back to his own country. The saleswoman also refuses to serve him, telling him to stand back in line like everybody else. The migrant eventually tells the women to “shut up, you f*ing wh*r*s” before ridiculing them, laughing and leaving.”

This is the culture leftists continue to welcome in. I can guarantee they will not believe everything is sunshine and rainbows when this happens to them, and it will.

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