Trump wins! Why? What now?

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Trump won even though media had shown Hillary ahead in polls. As more key states fell into place, the night got better and better. Hillary conceded via phone call to Trump.

Another highlight, both the senate and house won majority republican.

Now let us look at a few reasons why I believe Trump won.

1. Obamacare, the costs of insurance went up and coverage went down for nearly everyone I know. Most are hard working, and barely making ends meet already. Add in the higher premiums or the fine and some people had to make a choice whether to eat or owe the government money. Obamacare was and is still a failure.

2. Hillary’s incompetence and corruption. Hillary should be behind bars, nowhere near any seat in a government position. People who voted for Trump must have read enough evidence.

3. DNC rigged against Bernie Sanders. I can only imagine how many Sanders voters ended up voting third party or even Trump just to spite Hillary.

4. Obama has left the nation a mess with the BLM and migrants. Hillary would have resulted in a larger mess. Trump voters again saw through the lies.

5. Media bias may have actually been her downfall. The republicans had more reason to get out and vote seeing Hillary in the lead. The democrats may have sat at home thinking Hillary would win even if they didn’t vote, after all, she lead the msm polls, why worry right?

Hillary had the media on her side, the celebrities on her side, the establishment on her side, and Obama on her side, she still lost. That must say something about her.

The question remains, what now?

Drain the swamp! Make America great again.

I saw a lot of negative posts from the left, I understand their frustration but not their irrational thinking. Trump is far less corrupt than Hillary. Hillary is down right evil!

I hope everyone out there who voted Trump ignore negative posts and unhappiness from the leftists who lost. We need to show them we are above petty argument. Work together to rebuild America!

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