MIGRANT “SEXUAL EMERGENCIES” – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe

How do excuses like these work? Migrants need to go back to their war torn nations and fix their culture. Their religion, and their culture are not compatible with western culture.

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  • Alkilthau

    That was very disturbing. It’s amazing that people (the younger ones) are against trump who want to fight this, and are angry and are protesting for Hillary who supports this

    • TheBlindNation

      The young are very unintelligent these days. They lack common sense and logic. They learn their “facts” from mass media which they read on their tablets. All of them are fools. The funny thing about this is that their cities are the first to suffer at the hands of those they welcomed (Muslims).

      There may come a time where we lose cities to Islam, at that time we must be willing to wage war to take them back. We can not let Islam take over this nation or the entire world will be lost. Europe is already struggling. Brexit may help, it seems like Brexit may end up a dead end if the powers that be in the EU get their way.

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