• Aurelian

    This is a major victory against the left. make no mistake the real battle lies ahead it will take a generation to undo the damage the left has done.

    1/ George Soros organizations must be shut down and kicked out of the country, i personally label them terror organistations and strip them of their funding.
    2/The left must be chased out of the halls of power and have no infulence on poilcy(if sanctuary or leftist citys dont comply, the attroney general needs to charge and jail some officials to send a clear message)
    3/The Left must be removed from the education system, that openly discriminates against white students, a balanced education is the key.
    4/Immigration law needs to be enforced, while at the same time making it easier for people to come legally a points based system seems fair to me

    *Obvisouly it is a massive task ahead, these points are a drop in the ocean,

    • TheBlindNation

      I hope that we can achieve 1-4 above. First we must take out the funding for these leftists from Sorros. Even leftists will give up without funding at some point. They will actually have to get a job if they want to eat if things go the way they should.

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