Dumb Liberal Moments

This is part three of a series of compilation videos for dumb leftist moments. Visit this YouTube channel for more of these videos .

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  • Aurelian

    the figures last time i checked it was a 10/1 ratio, on palestine deaths compared to israeli, i have absolutely no time for israel as well as hamas i am totally have a hands off approach i would not help or hinder either.

    once you are on government assistance you are bought and owned, the plantation just changed from cotton picking, to food stamps.

    As for the the leftys you got to ask if you will allow your children to grow up to be backward mentally as these fruitcakes are, a balance is needed between right/left the centre will always be the most harminous path.

    The Radicail left with their drive to ban words is only the beginning of their tryanny,Like The Nazis burning books hopefully the pushback begins now Reason, Logic Science and Truth are the only things that will drive our culture forward.

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