Leftist lack of logic

Leftists are insanely judgemental, have no intellect or logic, no common sense, and accuse anyone who does not agree with them of racism or sexism. These are not people, they are animals.

Another funny thing about these leftists is that they fully support Islam and Muslims yet if they were to travel to any Muslim run nation, they would be killed for simply being themselves. Leftists are the bigots of the world.

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  • ONEWhiteAZZKracka4TRUMP2016

    I can’t wait till TSHTF and opens season on tyrants and their supporters in America.

    • TheBlindNation

      I believe the day is coming. As much as I am against killing, sometimes war in the answer. I hope we can come to a peaceful agreement first and maybe educate these leftist fools, that may just be a pipe dream though.

      • ONEWhiteAZZKracka4TRUMP2016

        It certainly isn’t looking too promising at this point. Once tyranny raises it’s ugly head it usually won’t go back down w/o being chopped off.

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