Dear Blacks, Latinos & Gays

All of the hate leftists are spewing toward trump is based on lies. Trump has never been against the African American community, the gay community, or the Latino community. All of the leftist social justice warriors are worked up over false information.

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  • ONEWhiteAZZKracka4TRUMP2016

    Just imagine if you can what it’s gonna be like when all of those tens of millions of maggot
    ass libruhls, squirming like kweers in a pickle patch, start flooding out of those concrete jungles once TSHTF.
    Each time you think you have enough ammo you’d better go buy as much as you already have, again.
    I can’t wait till TSHTF!

    • TheBlindNation

      Since most of them have no idea where food comes from, they will most likely all starve to death quickly, or kill each other for the remaining food in their communities.

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