Recount Not Possible In Pennsylvania. Hillary Can’t Win with WI and MI

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Remember when Hillary supporters were hating Trump for saying he would be against the results if Hillary won? Also remember how those same supporters said it was terrible that he said he wouldn’t accept the results? Well what hypocrites they are, leftists are in denial and refusing to accept the results of the vote.

Somehow Jill Stein from the green party suddenly raised three million dollars to fund a recount campaign.

“Stein launched her effort to raise this money the day before Thanksgiving by asking supporters to help her raise up to $3 million to force a recount in Wisconsin, the state with the closest deadline to the date when she launched her fundraising effort. Shockingly in only a day Stein had raised that three million. And on a holiday at that.”

Who is really backing the recount? Is it just the leftist supporters or is it the Clinton campaign and Soros?

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