Tucker Carlson Debates Muslim Professor Who Claims Islamophobia Plays Role in Radicalization

This is complete rubbish! These people are following their religion, this is Islam! These Muslims do not come to our nation to integrate, they come here to spread their religion, when they see no one wants to convert to a savage ideology, then they turn to the sword as their religious text guides them to do. If they can not convert, they kill. This is all very simple to understand. It has nothing to do with “Islamophobia”. When has a Buddhist come to the United States and went on a rampage and then had other Buddhist’s claim it was Buddhistophobia?

At least Tucker Carlson tried to set this Muslim woman straight, no words were heard or taken in on her part obviously, but at least he tried.

We can not forget the fact that Muslims kill Muslims in Islamic states and in larger numbers than they do here, so the whole “Islamophobia” story is bogus. There are different sects of Islam and those fight all the time. We do not see different sects of Christianity fighting like this anymore, it is only the Muslims that have maintained their savagery.

Look at the actual stats this Muslim woman is bringing into the debate:


From that same article:

“Mental illness plays a role in up to 40 percent of the lone wolf attacks,” Schmid said. In contrast, he said most organized terrorists are “clinically normal.”

I think the most important part to remember with her statistics is the percentage of the population each side represents. Muslims represent 0.9% of the overall population yet have killed 26 people, 2/3 the number “right wingers” have, yet they represent a significant minority.

If we look at the votes for Trump, nearly half of America could be considered “far right”, yet out of all of those people, only 39 were killed. Imagine if we had a 50% Muslim population, for one, we would have Sharia law, this would mean all of the LGBT communities would be wiped out, and, we would have even more terrorist attacks, as we see in Iraq, Muslims can not even get along with other Muslims. Islam is the problem.

Lastly, these stats only take into account those who were killed, not injured permanently, like those in the Boston marathon bombing. How many have been injured seriously by Muslims vs how many have been seriously injured by white extremists? The stats are off in the leftist mind.

I am going to break those stats per capita down a bit more here. We have roughly 320,000,000 people in America.

0.9% of them are Muslims which means we have roughly 2,880,000 Muslims.

By comparison, look at the overall right wing extremist population and we will even separate the men from this calculation since most attackers recently have been “right wing” men. Look at the votes for Trump again, for simple math, we will assume that half of the votes for Trump were by women, though it is likely less. Don’t bring in the false popular vote, remember, 3,000,000 of those were illegal votes. So we can really say the right wing by vote represents about half the population in America, it is likely far more.

So then, 25% (men) of America’s population could be considered “right wing extremists”.

25% of 320,000,000 is 80,000,000.

Why do these numbers matter?

If out of 80,000,000 people 39 were killed, 80,000,000/39 = 1 death per 2,051,282 extremists.

Compare that to the Muslims, 2,880,000/26 = 1 death per 110,769.

This is significant. This means that Muslims commit terroristic murder at a rate 18 times that of right wing men.

Imagine now if we had the same percentage of Muslims that we had “right wing extremists”. Well, the math is simple, using the numbers above, multiply 26*18. If Muslims represented the same number of people as “right wing men extremists”, we would have had at least 468 deaths due to Islamic terrorism instead of 26.

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  • Aurelian

    The lets blame and lets deflect does not address the actual issue of the violence inherent within islam, how can you move forward when this is their attitude.

    • TheBlindNation

      Leftists can not move forward. I find it odd that Islam is committing terrorist acts around the globe, including in their own nations at rates far greater than in America, and yet, they still somehow blame it on “Islamophobia”. White men are not moving to other nations and committing terrorism because they are being singled out (even though we are now). The whole leftist mentality is lacking of logic, common sense, or really any intelligent thought at all. With them it truly is always the blame game, blame inanimate objects, never blame the person or the ideology that drives the person, unless that ideology is right wing, then blame the ideology and blame the white man. They are the exact definition of hypocrites. I truly hate the leftist mind.

    • Middle Man

      separate or aniealate

  • Middle Man

    It’s the Christians flying jets into buildings that frightens me. :}

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