Will the UK be able to support Migrants?

“THE number of migrants who have come to the UK and then started claiming Carers Allowance benefit has DOUBLED in the last six years pushing the annual bill to almost £200million.
Latest figures from the Government show there were 60,000 people claiming the benefit who have come here from abroad – a massive 10 PERCENT of all claimants.

It means the bill for these foreign-born claimants of the £62.10-per-week benefit is £3.7million every week.

The statistics show the number of people claiming the benefit who when they applied for a National Insurance number declared that they born in a foreign country.
People can claim Carers Allowance if they are looking after a person who is on some kind of benefit to help with their care, even if they are not related to them.

The figures show that the numbers of migrant claimants of this benefit in the UK has risen from 29,370 in 2010 to this year’s figure of 60,000.

During the same time period the number of claimants born in the so-called EU-10 nations behind the old Iron Curtain has quadrupled from 1,770 to 8,910.”

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