Saudi Woman Arrested For Removing Abaya

Saudi police detained a young woman for violating modesty rules after she removed her abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes women are required to wear, on a main street in the capital Riyadh, local media reported on Monday.

The conservative Muslim country enforces a strict dress code for women in public, bans them from driving and prohibits the mixing of sexes.

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Where is the leftist outrage in modern western worlds? If this happened in America, the very same feminists who blindly support female migrants who follow Islam and demand to be free to wear the hijab, would instantly rise up against it if a woman was arrested for not wearing one.

I sincerely hope some leftist women travel to Saudi Arabia to experience Islamic law, sharia, a political ideology which is completely against women’s rights.

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  • common-law

    I’m against mixing of sexes also, namely homosexuality and lesbianism. There is truth pertaining to physical life and spiritual life. America has been more concerned about the physical more than the spiritual for a long time and God is bringing His judgement (not just on America), but the whole world. God has used Isreal’s enemies to punish jews who strayed from God, and He may do the same to America with Muslims. God will not be mocked.

    • TheBlindNation

      Interesting take on things. It could be gods way of showing people their wrong doing. I just hope America wakes up before those who are innocent suffer from the leftist ideology.

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