Donald Trump Is Right About Islam

You are not a racist if you believe Islam is not compatible with western culture, it truly is not. Their religious text teaches them to hate infidels. Islam does not represent a “race”, it is a political ideology under the guise of a religion.

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  • the truth is freedom

    Islam is organized crime masquerading as a religion and culture. It’s the father and mother of Communism and Socialism. The three are now inseparable. Lenin used “Red Terror” and it was based on Sharia. Marxism is a “modernized” version of Islam. A welfare Statist philosophy. In Islam, the state is god. In Communism, the state is god. The “law” is just a way for the “priest (cleric) class” – busy preaching this “law” – to control the masses and play god while they control all of the resources to grow their big government machine.

    I recommend this PDF called Lenin and Sharia by Konstantin Georgiyevich Preobrazhenskiy (former KGB Lt. Col.).:

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