Wait…Islam Has NOTHING to Do With Muslim Terror Attacks?

Source David Pakman Show YouTube

Top comments

1 “FINALLY. Thank you David. One of the leftists journalist I watch finally feel this way. I have been waiting. Now we need The Young fucking Turks to wake up.”

2 “Mr Pakman is 100% correct here. Why is it difficult controversial to suggest Islam and suicide bombings are like peas and carrots.”

3 “The radical jihadist have stated very clearly, numerous times why they hate the west and why they commit acts of terror. They feel their faith demands it. They freakin published this in their own magazine. It’s leftist morons like Noam Chomsky that are arrogant enough to argue the jihadist are wrong in the motives they sight , and that he understands their motivations better than they do. Why not just be a realist and take the jihadists at their word, rather than some has been academic.”

It seems some on the left are beginning to wake up with regard to Islam.

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