Muslim man send his 2 daughters at age of 7 and 9 to kill in the name of DraculaAllah

Please watch the entire video above and then share. We need leftists to understand that this is what Islam represents. A people which believe they are doing the right thing by killing people in the name of allah. Stop promoting Islam social justice warriors.

Source The Arabian Prophet

Visit The Arabian Prophets channel by clicking the link above and watch some of his videos. This is a man who knows Islam well and can hopefully educate those who have not yet read the evil book. Islam is evil, its prophet Muhammad is evil, the entire religion is built around lies, bloodshed, and death. Leftists who “tolerate” Islam, have not yet read the text themselves, or, they have never lived in a Muslim nation. Leftists must be educated or they will continue to welcome Islam in our modern worlds and cause significant problems.

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