Possible reasons for the intentional Muslim invasion

What are the driving forces behind the Muslim invasion? Who is behind it and why?

My personal opinions on the reasons why Islam is being forced upon modern worlds are as follow:

1 Saudi Arabia, one of the richest oil nations on the planet wants Islam to dominate the world. They are using their money to buy politicians in our nations and promote this goal.

2 Very wealthy powerful men are against women’s and gay rights and are trying to put a stop to the current movements. Even the Pope considers homosexuality forgivable. Muslims do not. By helping spread Islam to modern worlds, and by supporting migrants and their children, they are helping Islam dominate the world. When sharia law takes over, we can say goodbye to women’s rights and gay rights.

3 Modern populations are becoming harder and harder to control. We are becoming more and more educated and are far less likely to listen to politicians and far more likely to cause uprisings. This scares the elite who control the world. Muslims blindly follow their religion to the “T”. Because of this, it is much easier to control the Muslim population, or so the elite believe.

Those are my three opinions as to why Islam is being forced upon modern nations all over the world. To push down certain groups and freedoms, to maintain control over the sheople, and because Islam currently exists in multiple nations with significant oil resources, those resources are being used to spread the “religion”, or rather, political ideology. Islam is evil, that we know.

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  • White Privalege

    It Is simple. Islam rules with an iron fist
    Leftist rule with an iron fist. That’s it

    • One_of_US

      Add a little narcissism, pedophilia, drugs and sadism and you have the reason why these so called elitists want to rule with an iron fist. They are all addicts to those 4 things and it is not power what drives them. Power is just what they want to obsess with the above 4 things.

      • TheBlindNation

        Those would also make sense from a Muslim perspective as all of those things are also committed by many Muslims.

    • TheBlindNation

      They both are strikingly similar aren’t they?

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