Angela Merkel Blaming German People for the Migrant Crisis

Merkel feels it is the German populations fault that they are losing their “culture”.

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  • Corrupt Club

    Angelica Mekel is a numbskull. She should not be in charge of anything. She is responsible for all of the assaults, rapes, kidnapping, stabbing, shooting and bombing done by the Syrian Rape-U-Gees. She needs to be voted out of office along with her Political Party the Christian Democrats. She is a total failure and a menace to Germany. It is past time to deport Muslim Barbarians, it is no surprise that they are the enemy of democracy and Constitutional government.

    • TheBlindNation

      I fear it may be too late for much action now. It would cost a fortune to deport all of the Muslims, they breed so fast German culture will be replaced in 40 years. The German population would need to take things into their own hands now to fix the issue.

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