Italy to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration Amid Out Of Control Migrant Crisis in Europe

Source Anthony Brian Logan

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1 “Hopefully Europe is starting to awaken to this huge problem, but I fear it is too late.”

2 “Romans are rising up to defend Rome from the barbarian hordes.”

3 “I live in the Czech Republic and we have a left-wing government. But in Eastern states that remember Communism (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary) there is no tolerance for political correctness, because that is how the Communists were. So our left-wing government listens to the people and will not accept mass immigration of unskilled and potentially dangerous people. In the Eastern states, this is not a right versus left issue, the way it is in the West. I grew up in the states, and if there is one thing I truly love about the Czech Republic, is that they have a complete respect for free speech and a dis-respect for political correctness.”

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  • White Privalege

    The leaders of the EU have the Data, They know they have imported enough Illegals and terrorist to keep the EU sheep at Baa for generations. They can stop importing at this time.

  • White Privalege

    It’s like starting the treatment of Cancer in stage four, When it was found in stage one.

    • TheBlindNation

      Very good example. Islam is exactly like Cancer or a plague, it spreads and multiplies exponentially, when it reaches a certain percentage of the population, all hope is lost for ever removing it from the nation.

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