4 charged with hate crimes in live Facebook assault

“Four people have been charged with hate crimes for allegedly carrying out an assault, live-streamed online, in which a man was tied up, hit and cut with a knife by several assailants.

Authorities say the victim, who had been reported missing before the attack, has “mental health challenges.” He was encountered by police on Tuesday evening and is recovering in the hospital.

“There was never a question whether or not this incident qualified to be investigated as a hate crime,” Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at a news conference Thursday afternoon, citing the victim’s mental capacity, race and other factors. “The actions in that video are reprehensible.””

The four people who assaulted a white male and shouted F*** Donald Trump and F*** white people, are being charged with hate crimes. This is how it should be. Racism can not only be committed by white people toward blacks, it can be any race against any race.

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