Islam could be the dominate religion in the UK in 10 years

Source NBT 2

Do we really want to bring in people who are taught to hate infidels? Who have children at much higher rates than the natives? Who are promoting a religious cult and political ideology to dominate the world? No!

Top Comments:

1 “All countries who tolerate and worse promote slaam are pussies.. Muslims are nazis.. Boycott halal”

2 “Video is HALAL, Muslems taught to lie, cheat, steal & kill to furthur islam by ANY means possible. Its a LIE!! Still a nightmare FORCED religion.”

3 “That’s what happens when you bring in people with birth rates above 3 who also do not believe in equality, rule of law, assimilation or separation of church and state.”

4 “The decline of church goers is down to many Brits have moved on from all religion and can see it for the drivel it is.. However that still does not mean we should accept the filth islam in it’s place.”

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