• Aurelian

    they tried, they failed to lure him in, “Contents of their character ” is all that really matters, as a true patriot once said.

    The Founding fathers(Constitution)-Martin luther king jnr(Furfillment of the Constitution)

    • TheBlindNation

      Racism is in the eye of the beholder, in most cases the false eye of the leftist. I am certain racism still exists in parts of the nation in certain cities, it is not the significant problem the leftists try to make it out to be. I for one am sick of even hearing about the color of a person’s skin. I will call anyone and everyone simply an American, as long as they have integrated and are a working member of society. Those who refuse to join our culture will very likely be outcasts and might experience “racism”, the answer is simple, join us, or leave.

  • Blotus

    They tried to bait Lil Wayne especially the white guy and were getting frustrated when he didn’t answer the way they wanted him to. Instead adding a great testimonial about the white cop. I wanted to punch the white interviewer real smug!

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